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The use of such rechargeable batteries may damage .The Digisight can be used with Ni MH, Ni Cd and Ni Zn rechargeable batteries.Install the batteries into the battery compartment, close the cover, press it strongly from upwards (you can push both zones under which the latches are located).

Please pay attention to the physical size of your rechargeable batteries – they are often larger than regular batteries, this does not allow the battery compartment cover to close properly.

To increase self-contained operation time, we suggest that you use external power supplies which can be connected to a special port in the sight. When shooting the battery compartment cover opens spontaneously.

Is it allowed to use the sight attached to the mount with two screws? But before use please fix the mount with glue, and fix the screws with a thread sealant. Most probably the cover has not been closed or has been wrongly closed.

The sight runs on external power but the batteries in the battery compartment discharge. Please note that upon full discharge of external power you will have to re-start the sight (the sight does not switch automatically to battery power). Please click on the links below to read the description of the APEX reticles: - Apex XD38 Thermal Sight Reticle Catalogue ( - Apex XD50 Thermal Sight Reticle Catalogue ( - Apex XD75 Thermal Sight Reticle Catalogue ( Please let me know the size of reticles in the Digisight and Digisight LRF riflescopes. Eyeshades, lens and eyepiece caps, battery containers, etc. There are various types and sizes of AA rechargeable batteries: Ni MH (nickel-metal-hydride), Ni Cd (nickel-cadmium), Ni Zn (nickel-zink), and lithium (namely Lithium-Ion, Li-Po (Lithium-Polymer).

You can find information on the size of reticles in the Digisight and Digisight LRF riflescopes on our website in the Reticle Catalog at DOWNLOAD section on our website. During the video signal transmission from riflescope to video recorder the reticle is present in the video file. Which kind of battery is best for the Digisight riflescopes?

The Digisight is a night riflescope suitable for tightening force for the Weaver mount screws? Also, we have a video recorder CVR640 featuring 640x480 pixels recording resolution and has a cable to record with the scope (user manual enclosed).

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