Validating survey questions


The vendor plays an important role in maintenance support, such that client-organizations’ maintenance management and upgrade decisions and processes have become more complex than before.

A survey suggests that total annual client-side ERP maintenance costs, inclusive of annual vendor maintenance charges of approximately 17% of original software cost, total approximately 25% of original implementation costs.

However, neither is ERP maintenance and upgrade activities completely controlled by the vendor and outsourced to a third-party.

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These differences suggest that the organization, management, control and execution of ERP maintenance and upgrade are not purely an internal issue driven by internal users and IT-staff only, as with the traditional in-house software.Solid values to look for are factor loadings of 0.6 or above.You’ll occasionally run across questions that don’t appear to load onto any factors, which may necessitate a question removal or separate analysis.Your overall goal at this stage is to determine what the factors represent by seeking out common themes in questions that load onto the same factors.Enterprise resource planning (ERP) also known as Enterprise System is an integrated software system, which integrates most of the fundamental business processes functions and systems from different functional areas (such as Human Resources Management, Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing and logistics, Financials, Materials Management etc) and business units into a single software system, database, unified interface and channel of communication.Unlike traditional in-house software, ERP software system is unique in several ways.

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