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Other tickets such as pick 3 and those of jackpot games are printed by the lottery terminal and then sold as they are without any prior validation.

If you win on either of the two kinds above then the ticket is scanned and on scratch offs a code is also hand entered into the lottery terminal, on pick 3 and jackpot game tickets nothing is entered by hand, but the ticket is scanned 2 times, once to see the winning ammount and the other to "Validate" it, or maybe just one time and if the store can pay it then the pay key pressed.

There might be places where they have self-serve lottery terminals where you can buy your lottery tickets at and also where later you can check them for winning numbers all by yourself, before you go to the clerk to cash them, it is much better to do it in this way, if you can.

If you win a lot of money it would not hurt to also make a copy of the ticket before you go to cash it, just in case as you never know, there might be some dishonest clerks out there.

Something like that, these things might change some or a little from one state to another.

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If I would go to headqarters they would send me back to validate it? A few years ago I matched 5of6 in the Ohio Super Lotto for 00.

MO retailers are trained to scan ticket first to see if it is a winner.

If so, and it is within the stores means to pay it then they hit the pay button and scan the ticket again. If it is paid, the clerk is suppose to take the ticket and tear it up or put them in the draw and not leave it with the person that brought it in.

I use to check when ever I cashed in winners for more than to make sure the store had enough cash to pay, but now I buy and cash my tickets at gas stations and they always have enough money.

My husband won off a instant ticket and took it to the clerk to have them cash it in.

A few years ago I matched 5of6 in the Ohio Super Lotto for 00.

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