Validating user input in asp net web pages

There could be scenarios when we want the data to be in some range example date input.

So for all the above mentioned scenarios, if we take the user input without validation, then chances are that we will end up having wrong data with us (perhaps in database).

Now Microsoft is also embracing j Query in its current versions so perhaps Java Script and/or Jquery should be the right thing to use for client side validation.

So let us see how can we use When we enter invalid data in email id field, the validation error will be displayed after postback.So it is always a good idea to have validation in place whenever we are taking input from the user.There are two ways we can perform validation: Client side validation is something that will happen on users' browser.If we need to change this to do this validation in server side, then we will have to set the . Now let us say we have a hypothetical scenario where we want the same name to be entered twice (not so hypothetical if it would be password) then we can have a property.Now let's run the page: If we look at the timestamp we added on the page, we can verify that the validation is happening on client side and no postback is happening to the server.NOTE: Web developer may choose to go with any one type of validation but usually it is a good idea to have client side validation and same validation on server side too.

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