Virtual bot cam


To do that, please contact the author for a discount link.

People living in Russia can purchase VAC 4 for non-commercial usage with 33% discount.

If you have already installed previous version of VAC 4, before installation.

Registered VAC 4 users can freely obtain bugfixed versions as described in the order confirmation email message.

VAC also supports a custom (proprietary) version creation to be used together with a particular application only.

See the Support chapter in the Manual for the request format guidelines.When a customer asks a question, your agent can begin typing keywords to pull up relevant responses.In just a few keystrokes, they can find answer they’re looking for and reply to the customer – without having to type out the full response.To download a distribution package of full version with a given number, simply replace version number in your private download URL provided in the "Thank you" message.This message will be provided two ways: on the final order page and in the order confirmation email message.Only English and Russian languages are supported in communication.

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