Wechat adult accounts

"Tencent may be pressured to ensure filtering persists for Chinese users in any location." , the tech giant that owns We Chat, said in a statement that it "respects and complies to local laws and regulations" of countries where it operates.

"We Chat..always adhere to Tencent's core mission to create value for our users by providing high-quality, secure user experiences," the company added.

Parents said their children, some as young as three, relayed troubling accounts of a naked adult male conducting purported “medical checkups” on students, who were also unclothed, other media said.

Some parents who gathered outside the school in the capital, to demand answers on Thursday, said their children gave matching accounts of being fed unidentified tablets and of punishments where students were “made to stand” naked in class, media said.

It started as a simple messaging app, but has come to encompass gaming, mobile payments, ride hailing and e-commerce.Games, apps and social networking sites are popular among children and adults alike.Learn about the latest apps, how to protect your information and where to get more safety guidance.Ng said he "would not be surprised at all" if messages containing sensitive keywords were also being surveilled or monitored by Chinese security services."Censorship on We Chat (now resembles) how the Great Firewall of China operates, which is by design opaque and unaccountable," the report said.The welfare of children in professional care has become a hot-button issue in China, where a string of high-profile cases of abuse has underlined lax regulations and supervision in the childcare and early learning industry.

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