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How many remember the flowers sold on the pavement by Mrs Barbieri outside her home in Stella Road near Stellawood?The New Nurses’ Home at Addington Hospital under construction is making good progress and will open in 1963.The Skymaster is able to land with a severely damaged tail fin. Andrew’s Street closes with the transfer of the school to a totally new facility in Glenmore.The nuns’ convent in Convent Lane, at the back of the Durdoc Centre, was also vacated when the nuns moved to Glenmore.Miss Geraldine Waters is chosen as Miss Freshette at University of Natal Freshers’ Ball held at the Athlone Hotel.

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The Harvard crashes on the Bluff with pilot and co pilot parachuting to safety.

The Durban Ocean Terminal is opened coinciding with the arrival of the new flagship of the Union Castle Line , the Windsor Castle. The 1962 Comrades Marathon, an up run, is won by John Smith of the UK in 5 hrs 57 mins and 5 secs. This 600 strong community, the descendants of slaves, were living in an area overlooking Durban off Bluff Road. 50 people gather to watch the lowering of the flag for the last time at 5 pm.

At the time there was a rash of car bumper stickers proclaiming “Natal – the last Colonial Outpost” which featured the Union Jack.

The Durban July is won by a 16-1 rank outsider called Diza with apprentice Aubrey Roberts up.

Second is White Foam, then the favourite Jerez and The Giant ran in fourth. British Lions, is played at Kings Park Durban on July 21.

Marcel Marceau, much acclaimed as one of the greatest mimes ever, has a week long run of performances at the Alhambra Theatre in March.

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