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) in the sci-fi "so-bad-it's-good" TV movie, ' Sharknado' and appeared on Lifetime's ' The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.' Then: Devin Ratray played Kevin's older, bullying brother, Buzz, who kept a pet tarantula and had a girlfriend Kevin could only describe as "woof." ' Ratray went on to reprise his role as Buzz in ' Home Alone 2' and later had a bit part in another Hughes' film, ' Dennis the Menace.' Now: Ratray has continued to act, with a small role in ' The Prince and Me,' and stints on ' Law & Order,' ' Supernatural,' ' The Good Wife' and in the horror film ' R. Then: Hillary Wolf portrayed Kevin's older sister, Megan, who was perhaps the only sibling who showed an ounce of worry for her younger brother while he was home alone.

He also comes to Kevin's rescue at the end, beating the Wet Bandits over the head with a shovel.In 2011, he played himself in a Snickers commercial.Then: Daniel Stern played Marv, the bumbling burglar who coined the name Wet Bandits and spent the last half of the film with the imprint of an iron on his face.' and voicing various characters (including a parody of his ' Home Alone' alter-ego) on ' Robot Chicken.' After marrying (and divorcing) while he was just a teen, Culkin later dated Mila Kunis for eight (! In addition to his acting career, Culkin has recently explored other pursuits, including art (even having a New York exhibit of his artwork) and playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band called the Pizza Underground.He currently splits his time between Paris and New York and is dating ' All My Children' actress Jordan Lane Price.They Get Even,' Wolf decided to seriously pursue her passion for judo, which she had been doing since she was a kid.

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