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Dean's agent confirmed last night that the 51-year-old had separated from his second wife, U. Viewers were given no clues as the the pair played it cool on last night's show.But last week, Miss Barber stayed every night at Dean's luxury Hertfordshire apartment, just a mile from the home she shares with husband Stephen Pickavance, himself a trainer on the ITV show.Yes, she spent five nights sleeping over at his house after he separated from his wife of 16 years, U. But none of it has anything to do with 49-year-old Karen, who also happens to be married to the ITV1 skating show’s trainer Steve Pickavance. We [he, Karen and Jayne] have skated together since we were all 16. When we competed in the British ­Championships, it was her and Nicky…’ He’s referring to Nicky Slater, the judge who has just been dropped from Dancing On Ice and whose relationship with Karen is, well… I meet the Olympic gold medal-winning ­Torvill and Dean in a Mayfair hotel where they’re keen to talk about the DVD of the Dancing On Ice Live Tour 2010, which followed this year’s TV series filling vast arenas around the country. He’s got that cool ­charisma, but he’s too cool to have to actually sit down and learn about music.‘Jack is just far more introverted.’This is the first time Chris, in this, his most revealing interview, has spoken about Jack. ‘We were very conscious the most important thing to us was the skating. We wouldn’t throw it away with a relationship with each other — or with other people — because we didn’t have the time. But we formed our own friendship that required much more trust than any ­relationship. I’d psyched myself up and suddenly everything you knew, everything you were, was gone — changed. ‘I can still remember the thrill of ­hearing the applause after our first performance on Dancing On Ice,’ says Jayne.This time, their version of the Bolero — in which, precariously attached to lengths of silk hanging from the ceiling, they are whisked 30 ft into the air — is the most spectacular yet. It takes over your life.’Chris continues: ‘You can let it. For us, we were so focused, so ­determined with what we wanted to do. We’ve been together longer than both my marriages lasted.’In the early Nineties, Chris was married briefly to French-Canadian skater ­Isabelle Duchesnay, who was famously jealous of Jayne, referring to her as the ‘other woman’ in their marriage. I went through a big withdrawal.‘I had a lot of depression for six months. For six months, I was scratching my head wondering: “What’s life about? No time you had to get up in the morning.’Jayne sits nodding as she listens to Chris. ‘When you don’t do what you know you’re good at for a long time, you don’t know who you are, because you’re not doing your job. ‘Just my boys and this one,’ he says, again patting Jayne’s leg, which is hooked over his now.More » Rena Inoue and John Baldwin are the first and only figure skating pair team to land a throw triple axel. John was coming to the end of his singles skating career and considered pair skating. Additionally, Hayes Jenkins was the world figure skating champion in men's singles from 1953 through 1956. She won the World Figure Skating Championship in 1990. More » American ice dancers Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov met through the internet. When the couple first met, they spoke different languages.Christopher Dean won the Olympics in ice dancing in 1984 with partner Jayne Torvill. The two fell in love quite quickly and were married on February 2, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada.‘The ­longest bit is from January to April,’ he says. Thankfully, with the new camera phones we can see each other when we talk.’Did Jill tire of his long absences? ‘To some degree, part of it was spending so much time here.

They began skating together in 1998 and began dating in 1999. The couple performs professionally in Stars on Ice and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Senior men's title in singles in roller skating five times and the national senior pair title was won by Jack and Sheryl four times. National Figure Skating Championships, Baldwin went down on his knees and proposed to his pair skating partner.First, no, he didn’t have a ­sexual relationship with his skating partner Jayne Torvill. ‘Karen will stay with Jayne, too.’ Yes, but Jayne, 53, is happily married to Phil Christensen, the father of her two young ­children. In extreme cases, children with profound cognitive disabilities need assistance with virtually every aspect of their lives. ‘We lived on rinks and watched ­parents push children and live vicariously through their kids. ‘It has been hard over the years, but I think I’ve got to a place where I love him for who he is and I’m not necessarily going to be able to change him. But it’s just not the case that I can say: “Work harder and you’ll be better.” He won’t.’ Which must have been a tough thing for Chris to come to terms with. Inevitably, given their mesmerising ­sexual chemistry, the question of ‘Did they or didn’t they once the skates were off? Nottingham-born, they started ­skating with one another when T was 17 and D 16. You try your best.’On the DVD, they lead a brightly ­coloured cavalcade of professional ­skaters and celebrities from across the series in some thrilling precision skating.And no, he hasn’t had an affair with his Dancing On Ice co-star judge Karen Barber either. And, yes, his second marriage is well and truly over. ‘People think if you’re doing that ­[having ­sleepovers]: “Well, there must be more to it than that.” But there doesn’t have to be. Chris, on the other hand, doesn’t wear a frock or a wedding ring. Jack’s ­difficulties are such that he will never be a skater. Any time we’ve ­witnessed that intensity through the ­parents, we’ve seen the kids get to about the age of 16 and say: “I can make up my own mind now.” And they walk away.‘If I’d push them anywhere it would be to learn about music — although Jack certainly won’t be able to go there. I think if anything he’ll be a lead singer in a rock band. So come on, we’re having a nice, ­honest chat here. ‘I remember somebody saying to me: “If you’re dating your ­skating partner and the ­relationship breaks down, you won’t have your ­skating partner,’’ ’ says Jayne. There are some breathtaking routines, but of course it’s Torvill and Dean who, even in their early 50s, even 26 years on from Sarajevo, make it look easy.They became close and traveled to Los Angeles every weekend to take ice dance lessons. Karen Barber has given her first interview about her romance with Dancing On Ice star Christopher Dean.Jack Courtney and Sheryl Trueman Courtney's story may be perhaps the most romantic skating story in history since they have known each other for their entire lives. They went their separate ways in the late 1960s, but in 2003, they reunited and married. He died on November 20, 1995, in Lake Placid, New York while rehearsing for a "Stars on Ice" tour. Carol Heiss won the 1960 Olympics in women's figure skating and she also won the silver medal at the 1956 Olympics.

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