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Reginald Vel Johnson--who for nearly a decade portrayed one of America's cuddliest television dads--isn't always so crazy about having children around.

"When my friends bring their kids over, I have fun playing with them for a while," says the unmarried actor.

"I think it would be cool to play a murderer," he says.

"Bad guys have more character." His former television costars would probably disagree.

"Darius threatened to turn my hair gray a few times," castmate Telma Hopkins says jokingly.

"But what a great kid--and, consequently, a great grown-up." in Miami, she won her first starring role as Mama in the high-school production of "A Raisin in the Sun." Noble studied drama at the University of Miami and later continued at Miami-Dade Community College.

He is seeking a singing and songwriting career and has built a recording studio at home. EDDIE WINSLOW "I'm extremely happy with the way my career is going," says Darius Mc Crary, 24.

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On the Family Matters set, he "liked playing pranks like rigging the dressing rooms so people couldn't get out," says director John Tracy.

Reginald Vel Johnson played the role of the understanding Sgt.

Al Powell opposite Bruce Willis in "Die Hard." But he is most known as Paul Hogan's chauffeur, Gus, in "Crocodile Dundee." His other film credits include "Remo Williams," "Wolfen," "Ghostbusters" and "Turner and Hooch." He also starred in "Die Hard II" and "Posse." Some of his television credits include "Deadly Pursuits," "Grass Roots," "The Bride in Black," "Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story," "Doing Life" and "When Hell Freezes Over, I'll Skate." Plus, guest appearances on "The Equalizer," "227," Tales From the Crypt," "Dream On" and "The Electric Company." CARL WINSLOW How's this for a shocking confession?

Once, Mc Crary joined forces with costar Jaleel White and "wrapped my car in toilet paper," recalls Reginald Vel Johnson, who played the actor's father.

Mc Crary's victims could never stay mad for long though.

" Darius Mc Crary made his film debut at the age of 10 in "Big Shots," with Paul Winfield.

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