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I thought everybody had these great drama programs. And these days, there are even less of those kinds of programs. No, I wasn’t like a professional rower who was one day standing at a restaurant in Cleveland and was scouted by somebody that they wanted to put me in a movie. Although if I am standing at a restaurant and you see me standing there and you think you want to put me in your movie, you should come up and talk to me. So as I was looking through your credits, I noticed the show you are most known for is Well, that’s good to know because I’m not sure if IMDB has it right. I think that the older I get–and especially with a kid now–the more I appreciate entertainment that’s pure entertainment. As actors, sometimes you can feel like a bit of a meat puppet being told to stand there and say this.He was just hugely influential and inspirational and supportive and really turned me on to all sorts of wild possibilities. It’s a good reference, but they don’t always get everything right. That’s why I get all these random birthday wishes on various days of the year. So with now I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar with the show. That’s not something that you have to shield your kids from. Not to say there isn’t creative input that comes from acting by any means.Lucas Bryant has made a name for himself in both Canada and the U. Born and raised in Elmira, Ontario, Bryant studied theatre and drama at Sheridan College in Oakville.He recently starred on Syfy’s popular mystery series “Haven,” based on the novella The Colorado Kid by author Stephen King. In “Haven,” Bryant plays ‘Nathan Wuornos,’ the wry, hardened local cop who somewhat reluctantly becomes the partner of new-to-town FBI agent ‘Audrey Parker,’ played by Emily Rose.It was something I had always loved and had always hoped to do. I had a theater company in Toronto for a little while. And then film and TV started happening a little more regularly, and when it looked like I could actually do that and be that and have a life of that, I did. I was always wondering why people were wishing me happy birthday in December–not one person, but a bunch of people. But to be part of the confection process is a whole other bag of tricks that you get to draw on, and I found that really satisfying and inspiring. He always wanted to play around, and he encouraged me to do my thing. I don’t think anyone has anything bad to say about the guy. And I am assuming this is another lead role for you. So it would seem that Hallmark must like you to have you as a lead in a second film this year. Unless somehow I slipped under the radar and they forgot that I was that guy they hated. Now that’s not to say that this is like a “Three Stooges” movie.He deflects compliments through his ingenious use of humor, but there is no doubt that the support of his fans is paramount.As he now has a child of his own, it is evident that his appreciation for family-friendly entertainment as provided on the Hallmark network means an incalculable amount to him.

So that’s something wildly different than the things we’ve been talking about.

It’s a dramatic eight-part series about an investigative journalist who stumbles on a case that quickly pulls her into this rabbit hole of political intrigue and murder and sex and drugs and all sorts of dangerous and wild stuff. But I play an investigative journalist–her partner–and so the two of us are trying to figure it all out as the show starts out with a murder. So all of it and any of it, I guess in some ways–in because of the sci-fi genre, it included time travel, and so I got to do some period stuff.

And it gets more and more confusing and more and more dangerous. It sounds interesting, but of course, since it’s in Canada, we will have to wait to see it. And there were also body switching episodes, so I got to be a totally different character. I hear similar answers to that, and I think that’s a great answer ’cause that just shows that you’re versatile. I think that answer works very well with who you are. That’s what attracted me to acting in the first place is getting to do weird and wild things that are away from who I am.

Furthermore, he is not an actor who desires to be typecast–on the contrary, he wants to do it all.

And there is no doubt that directing and writing are something that ignites an inextinguishable flame within him.

He makes it a totally easy and positive experience for everyone.

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