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They pointed out that even Mandy, who holds a relatively important position as political consultant, departs from the show quickly and is not predominantly featured in major storylines. John provides Oliver with medical assistance, limiting his need for hospital treatment.The Chinese army kept the prisoners there that were too dangerous to imprison anywhere else.After Shane leaves, Oliver returns to the topic and Thea explains that after Oliver and Robert disappeared at sea, no one felt like celebrating Christmas. D is a fictional character from the American serial drama The West Wing, portrayed by Moira Kelly.She was White House media consultant during the first season of the show and the former girlfriend of Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, with whom she often clashed.

While John Diggle was originally a character created for the show, his popularity led to a character of the same name modeled after Ramsey's appearance to be created for the Green Arrow comics in The New The big reveal of the season 1 big bad was brilliant and set the tone for the last part of the season, Arrow season 1 got better and better with each episode during its opening year and by the time Christmas came along it showed just how far the show came along.However, the newspaper also suggested that could be a red herring since it was not clear that Mandy was even present in the scene when the shots were fired. The term Mandyville has since been used by fans of The West Wing, referring to a mythical place that characters go to when they disappear without explanation.Mandy Hampton has been cited in arguments that, particularly in the first season, the series placed its female characters in largely marginalized roles while the male characters occupied most of the powerful positions. O'Connor, who published a book about the series, wrote, "This televised representation may not be so much the result of a conscious or even unconscious bias on the part of the scriptwriters but a reflection of Washington reality." In an article for The Straits Times, writer Richard Feinberg acknowledged most of the important characters in the show are white males, but pointed to "very smart women" characters like Mandy as evidence that the show included a fair mix.It has been said Mandy Hampton was partially inspired by Mandy Grunwald, the Democratic political consultant and media adviser who worked on the presidential campaigns for both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton."Moira is a terrific actress, but we just weren't the right thing for her.Although Kelly was a primary cast member during the first season, Mandy was featured infrequently as the episodes progressed, and Aaron Sorkin said while Season 1 still had a long way to go that the character was not working out, and he and Kelly had shaken hands & agreed that Mandy would have less of a focus because she would not be returning for Season 2.

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