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Then, I break out the microscope and run thin AWG 32 magnet wire from the headers to whatever I want to probe. I also replaced the original remote’s small vibrator motor with an LED, so I could see when it was on without it shaking my whole setup.At this point there are all sorts of options for snooping on the communications between these radio and microprocessor.

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Something about this toy really does become more than the sum of its parts.

You can get an idea for how the prototype works in this short video: That’s the end result, for now.

The rest of this post will share the journey I took in building this toy.

Perhaps it will inspire you to follow along, or to build something unique.

In order to replace the original remote control, first I had to understand it.

More than a simple remote control, it starts to feel a little like virtual reality. Interfacing with computers through our sense of touch.

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