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“Decades in the making, federal recognition will acknowledge and protect historical and cultural identities of these tribes for the benefit of all Americans,” Wittman said in a statement.

“It will also affirm the government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Virginia tribes, and help create opportunities to enhance and protect the well-being of tribal members.” Federally-recognized status would enable the tribes to pursue repatriation of historical and cultural artifacts, comment on federal agency actions and gain access to a number of programs that serve the country’s more than 560 federally recognized tribes, Wittman said.

Reminders of William & Mary’s connection with the original inhabitants of the region dot today’s campus.

Lake Matoaka bears the given name of Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan.

Founded in 1998, the American Indian Resource Center works to foster communication and collaboration among scholars and members of the Native communities.

A major function of the center has been to facilitate involvement of members of descendant communities in decisions that concern archaeological examinations connected with their ancestors.

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” Interactions through the American Indian Resource Center led Moretti-Langholtz and Kathleen Bragdon, professor of anthropology, to start planning a minor program devoted to the studies of indigenous peoples.“William & Mary’s 325-year story is interwoven with the history of Native Americans, in particular the story of the young boys who attended our Indian School and the families they left behind to do so,” said President Taylor Reveley.“It is good to see the six tribes well on their way to joining the Pamunkey in federal recognition.The excavations uncovered artifacts connected with students at the Indian school.A 2016 exhibition at William & Mary’s Muscarelle Museum of Art, “Building the Brafferton: The Founding, Funding and Legacy of America’s Indian School,” brought together documents, historical paintings, engravings and other artifacts including personal items related to students of the school, including Thomas Step of the Nottoway tribe and Henry Bawbee of the Wyandot tribe at Fort Pitt.Ms Smith said: 'She began talking to him over the video service Yahoo Messenger but he informed her he couldn't send live video of himself due to security risks in Afghanistan - something she accepted.

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