Wisconsin ems license updating Mak datin pic

We recently attended a 2 day training event with Kentico in their Bedford, NH office to learn how Kentico recommends performing upgrades and learning how the other experts in the Kentico industry perform their upgrades.

On average we do about 12-13 Kentico upgrades per year.

This will reduce the first page load by almost 50% in comparison to other versions.

For those of you who work in the Kentico UI, you will see this change immediately and love every minute of it! In our case, we started with a fresh instance of Kentico 10.0.0 so this was not needed.

So what we did was perform the upgrade on the backup environment to make sure everything tested out and the upgrade succeeded.If you have a highly customized version of Kentico, then maybe this is not the right path for you and maybe you want to follow the full upgrade path.You'll have to evaluate that yourself when the time comes. Again, this only applies to your custom code, all the other base code will be upgraded automatically.By no means are we exporting a site and importing a site using the Kentico UI, this method is NOT supported as an upgrade. Again, double check the release notes for detailed changes.For the actual upgrade environment setup we had: Our first step in the upgrade process was to open the current code base in Visual Studio and make sure everything still compiled after a fresh get from the repo. After all of the changes to the custom code we moved and the project actually built successfully, we moved on to the database upgrade process.Kentico has really evolved in the last 12 years and so has the upgrade process.

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