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As the senior dating expert for Dating Advice.com, Braswell discusses every midlife dating topic, including encouraging singles to never give up on love.Braswell says the most important thing is to “be proactive.” Social Clout: 15,203 followers, 335 likes URL: Bragging Rights: More than 30 years of experience A psychosexual therapist who pioneered speaking frankly about sexual matters, Dr.Social Clout: 72,852 followers, 3,773 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Medical perspective on love Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr.

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Death of a Spouse or Partner Divorce of a Spouse – Breakup of a Long Term Relationship Divorce is so common in this culture that most people know of the guilt, rage, rejection and devastation that both partners carry in its wake.

Few people have a long range goal of dating in midlife.

To the many who find themselves faced with the possibility, midlife dating can seem like a mystifying, even overwhelming, journey to find a partner.

Some Important Considerations Notwithstanding these different starting points, here are some common issues worth considering as you take on midlife dating as a personal experience.

Everyone is Anxious – No One is Perfect If you are anxious with even the thought of midlife dating – it fits.

Dating in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond is a whole ‘nother ball game compared to dating in your 20s, and our 10 Best Midlife Dating Experts know how to play the game.

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