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The original and best video streaming service has become more than just three-minute videos of cats yawning and people falling.

You Tube has grown immeasurably since it started a decade ago, to the point where artists are able to make a living by creating long-form programming on the world's most popular video site. You Tube is free to download and watch, though some creators (mostly movie studios) do charge rental fees for their programming.

Short of NASCAR and the PGA Tour, every major American sport has a streaming service where you can watch live and archived versions of previously completed games.

While we very well might add some of the other major leagues to this list at a later date, we have to give props to the best service for the US' most popular sport: the NFL on Xbox One.

However, this isn't the only publisher giving out bonus games.From video podcasts to "Let's Play" walkthroughs of video games, there's plenty of stuff you can watch for long periods of time on any device ... Be warned: You Tube video creators have the option to attach advertising to their content, which they often exercise.You'd be hard-pressed to find a network with the programming pedigree of HBO. HBO Go for the Xbox One is currently only available to US customers who subscribe to the HBO channel on cable.However, when you consider that you get dozens of hours of entertainment every week for four months, it will easily pay for itself if you're a big NFL fan.Back in the day (and by that we mean early 2014), watching the biggest WWE matches on pay-per-view was a major financial investment that only the most hardcore fans would take.From classics like The Sopranos and The Wire to modern hits like Girls and Game of Thrones, there may be no greater collection of on-demand TV shows than what you can find on HBO Go. The streaming service for Fox's popular cable network offers access to many episodes of modern hits like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Justified, as well as classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother, but let's be real: the big draw for FXNOW is Simpsons World, an archive of the 560-plus episodes of the Simpsons, dating back from the 1989 premiere to last week's new episode.

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