Xiamen china dating


Things like buying vegetables, figuring out bus schedules and just talking to local people was tough in the beginning because of the language barrier. Due to the amazing climate, and general “laid back” attitude of Xiamen, there are so many activities organized by expats and Chinese people so there is always something interesting to do.

It took me a few years to learn Chinese and I feel like I missed out on a lot of friendships and opportunities because I couldn’t speak to the locals. Most expats live here, and consider it their permanent home (even if they will go back to their countries someday) so they work to make Xiamen a better city in general, not just a better city for expats. I’m a total Xiamen nerd and there isn’t much I don’t like.

Keep travelling to various parts of the world but mostly to Xiamen.

Someone who is good looking and can speak good English.

After 5 years I moved to my current city of Xiamen, China, located in the south, across from Taiwan. I like the challenge of moving to a new place, not knowing anyone and figuring everything out.

So the more typical answers of culture shock and adjusting to new foods and stuff didn’t bother me. Unlike other cities, the expats are really integrated into the local community, and don’t keep to themselves.

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Located at the south- east coast of China, Xiamen is a tourist city within the Fujian province, famous for its attractive sea side, and often voted the prettiest city in the country.

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