Youtube poop dating

The first person that was shown is VSauce, who is the #1 You Tube Educator with 13,000,000 subscribers.

And he explains why he made his "tutorials", it's because machines are used to find these tutorials, not videos.

’ After she says she does, she happily walks off hand-in-hand with Joey as her mother watches on aghast.

On the second occasion, before approaching a little boy, his mother says to Joey that she tells her son every day not to speak to strangers and that he won’t leave the playground.

People often flood the comments with jokes saying "Children in Africa could have eaten (object/food item)".

While there is some controversy surrounding the waste of food, these comments about kids in Africa dominate most of the recent videos' comment sections, leading to many people getting annoyed at others that post these joke comments because the joke has become so overdone.

Due to the nature of his videos, How To Basic has limited or no ads running on his videos, even after confirmation by manual review.

Some of his videos even got age-restricted, but never taken down, while the following videos were taken down for Terms of Service violations.

Viewers believed How To Basic did not do an actual face reveal and that it was a joke just like previous How To videos.Is it really that men (or, at least the kind of men you’d want near your genitals) need us to be poop-and-fart free to want to fuck us, or have we just convinced ourselves they did?Or, worse yet, are we projecting our own learned squeamishness about our bodily functions onto men, as a way to rationalize yet another internalization of the “our bodies are gross” myths that pervade society?Because, quite frankly, it all gets a lot messier, grosser, realer and more human from here.In the three instances shown in the video, the parents said it was fine for Joey to approach their children believing that there was no way they would walk off with him – but they couldn’t have been more wrong.How To Basic is a You Tuber known for his psychopathic "tutorials" marketed as typical tutorials but actually containing erratic actions and raging over items, notably with eggs.

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